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Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders Regimental Presentation Silver Table Box, 1924

Of rectangular form with domed hinged cover, inscribed ‘Capt I. C. Cameron / From the Officers 4th Battn Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders / July 26th 1924'. London circa 1924
Brigadier Ian Colin Cameron (1897-1975) was commissioned into the Cameron Highlanders in December 1914. He was posted the 2nd battalion at Heseken in Flanders in May 1915, and served seven months on the Western Front until his battalion was redeployed to Salonika in December 1915. In 1916 he was present with the 2nd Camerons at the capture of Karajakois, the capture of Yenikoi and the battle of Tumbitza Farm, the capture of Homondos in 1917 and in 1918, the final offensive in Salonika, including the capture of the Roche Noir Salient, the passage of the Vardar river and the pursuit to the Strumica valley.  At the Armistice he was a company commander and went with the 2nd Battalion to Tblisi, Georgia during the Russian Civil War, prior to their return to Inverness in 1919. During the inter-war period, he was Adjutant of the 4th Battalion and later served in the Sudan with the 1st Battalion. He was appointed to the command of 2nd Battalion The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders in 1937 and took them to Egypt before the outbreak of the Second World War. Attached to the 4th Indian Division in October 1940, he led 2nd Camerons in the first battle of the desert campaign (Operation Compass) against the Italians of Gruppo Maletti, sweeping through their camp at Maktila with the bayonet, killing several hundred and taking over 4,000 prisoners. He was awarded the O.B.E. and promoted T/Brigadier.

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