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A Second World War 5th (Huntingdonshire) Battalion, The Northamptonshire Regiment (T.A.) side drum, 1941

 Hand painted emblazon with Battle Honours to 1945 on brass cylinder, stamped with Government Broad Arrow  and inscription ‘Premier / Made in England / 1941’, rope tensioned, and complete with original matching tabs, wooden hoops, snares, heads and drag ropes.

The present drum was supplied to the battalion following its service in France and Belgium with the British Expeditionary Force and the retreat from Dunkirk where with the rest of the British Expeditionary Force it abandoned much of its equipment. The battalion was embodied for war service on 2 September 1939 at Peterborough and left for France on 11 January 1940. It returned to England on 2 June 1940 and remained in the United Kingdom until 15 October 1942 whence it was sent by sea for service in North Africa. It landed in North Africa on 8 November 1942 and served there until 22 July 1943. It arrived in Sicily on 25 July and served in the Sicilian campaign until 21 September 1943. The brigade then landed in Italy on the 22nd and fought in the Italian campaign until 17 July 1944. It moved to Egypt arriving on 23 July to rest and refit. It remained in Egypt until 9 September 1944. It returned by sea to Italy on 16 September and served in Italy until 8 May 1945. It crossed into Austria on that date and was there for the rest of the war.

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