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Imperial Germany – Group of Fifteen Orders, Decorations and Medals

Prussia, Iron Cross 2nd class with oak leaves 25 years service
Prussia, Franco-Prussian War Medal 1870-1871 (bronze from captured cannon)
Prussia, ‘Der Main Armee’ 1866 commemorative cross (Bronze from captured cannon)
Medal of Merit Ernst I Herzog with swords 1870-1 silver
Duke Carl Eduard Herzog wedding medal 1905
Saxony, Ernestine Order (House order of the Duchies of Saxony) gold, silver and enamel
Kaiser Wilhelm I centenary medal 1797-1897 Bronze
Merit Cross of the Order of Zahringen Lion, 1889 bronze
Order of the Crown medal 1861 4th class, Prussia bronze
Philip of Hesse silver cross with crown
Bulgaria Order of Alexander medal 1878 silver
Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Alfred- Marie 25th wedding anniversary medal silver
Bulgaria, Order of Merit medal 1891
Russia, Order of St Stanislaus 3rd class order, in gold, reverse stamped A.K.

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