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Highland Light Infantry (Royal Lanark Militia) - Silver Colours

Silver. Four models of stands of Colours; the first pair with fixed tripod support and spearhead finials, representing the Colours borne by the 1st Royal Lanarkshire Militia, and the second pair, with detachable support and post-1855 Royal crest finials, representing its lineal descendant, 4th Bn. Highland Light Infantry. Each engraved with regimental insignia and  comprising a Queen’s Colour and Regimental Colour crossed and knotted. Possibly elements of a large officers’ mess centrepeice. Part post 1896 marks for London. 54 troy ounces.

1st Royal Lanarkshire Militia, headquartered in Hamilton, south Lanarkshire, was a military reserve force which could be mobilised to defend the country from invasion or insurrection. Officers were usually members of the local gentry or pensioned officers who had served in the Regular Army. Members worked in their normal occupations until called out, and unlike the Volunteers they did not drill regularly. In the 1850s, almost every Militia regiment was mobilised for home defence in order to release regular army regiments to fight in the Crimean War (1853-1856) and to deal with the Indian Mutiny (1857). Under the reforms of 1881 the 1st Royal Lanark Militia became 3rd Battalion Highland Light Infantry, and in 1883 the latter was divided into the 3rd and 4th Battalions Highland Light Infantry.

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