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Orlando Norie (1832-1901) - Study of an Officer of the 17th Lancers, 1865

Watercolour on paper. Image 14.5cm (5.75in) x 15.5cm (6.25in). Framed and glazed.

Orlando Norie (1832-1901) was born to Scottish parents in Bruges, Belgium and spent most of his working life in France where he produced original works, primarily in watercolour, for the printmaking firm of Rudolf Ackermann in London. His talent was first recognised in the autumn of 1854 when his print of the Battle of the Alma was published by Ackermann. This was followed by prints of the battles of Inkermann and Balaclava. Ackermann’s Eclipse Sporting and Military Gallery served as the main outlet for many of Norie’s original works. He was viewed as the natural successor to Henry Martens (fl. 1825-1865), whose military paintings had been similarly popularised by Ackermann’s printmaking operation a generation earlier.

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