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Emperor Napoleon I Bronze Figure

A bronze figure of the Emperor striding purposefully forward telescope in hand, wearing Garde Impériale uniform, greatcoat and trademark bicorne hat. Signed to the naturalistic base, ‘J.E. MASSON’.

Napoleon portrayed in the uniform of the Grenadiers à Pied or Chasseurs à Cheval  de la Garde Imperiale, and wearing his famous bicorne ‘en bataille’, that is, with the corners parallel to shoulders. This simple and sober garb contrasted strongly with the officers around him, (who generally wore their hats ‘en colonne’) and meant that he was immediately recognisable to his troops on the battlefield.

Jules Edmond Masson (1871-1932) the son and student of Clovis Masson, who was also a renowned sculptor and a pupil of Barye. J.E. Masson specialized in animal and Orientalist subjects, as well as equestrian monuments and military themed works of imperial France.

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