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An Edwardian Cavalry Officer’s Silver Table Top Box, 1880

Leather shoulder belt pouch with silver flap applied with the gilt brass Universal pattern crowned EVIIR cypher of Edward VII (reigned 1902-1911), adapted, by removal of its slings, as the lift-off lid of an ebonised wood and cedar lined table top cigarette box. The pouch flap bearing the maker’s mark of Bent & Parker, Military Ornament Makers, Northwood Street, Birmingham (fl. 1863-1909). Hallmarked Birmingham 1880.

Originally worn by cavalrymen as containers for carbine rifle ammunition, shoulder belt pouches assumed purely decorative usage in the mid 19th century. Late in the century the tradition of recycling the silver elements of an officer’s uniform for domestic use was developed with a number of prestigious silversmithing firms carrying out the bespoke work to order.

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