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Native Light Infantry, 1855

Watercolour on paper pasted down. An intriguing study of Native Light Infantry with manuscript commentary on uniform and equipmemt, viz ‘Puggaree. White or red, round over fez with blue tassel.  Tunic. Red facings (Regimental pattern) 1/2” collar.  Steel link shoulder straps buttoned in front, row of 10 Regimental buttons. Trousers - Blue serge, fastening behind with buckle to open in front with buttons, cut full a la Zouave. Boots - Brown, upper of soft leather, fastening with 3 strap buckles in front, double soled and heeled.* Belt - Brown saddle leather.  pouch slung a la cavalry.  Cap pouch on waist belt back.  Brass Regimental pattern and Nos. *This is marching order ——ct  do—  as it would interfere with the carrying of the greatcoat and blanket:etc. The pouch perhaps would be better hung on the waist belt behind, separated over the shoulders by a brown leather brace belt on which slings for carriage of coat & blanket might be worn. Arms - Breach loading Lancaster Rifle sighted to 600 yds.  Brown leather sling. Bayonet - Service Pattern (as in drawing). Falchion shape 2 ft in length. Scabbard - Brown leather, brass ferrule.’

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