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A Edward VII Irish Guards Camp Flag

Crimson silk (faded) embroidered with the company badge (double sided). Framed and glazed. Flag 46cm (18in) x 50cm (19.5in).

The device on the present flag - The Knot and two Roses as in the Collar of the Order of St. Patrick. -  was allotted to No. 6 Company by King Edward VII in 1901. It is one of twenty-two borne on the Irish Guards’ company marking flags, also known as camp flags or camp colours. The flag of  No. 6 Company is borne by Regimental Headquarters. Framed and glazed.

Source: Dawnay, N.P. (1975) ‘The Standards, Guidons and Colours of The Household Division, 1660-1973’, Midas.

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