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H.M.S. Iron Duke Fleet Prize Oar, 1926

Silver. Miniature silver Fleet Regatta presentation oar. The blade inscribed ‘M.F.P.R, 1925 / Sub Officers Gigs / HMS Iron Duke’. the loom further engraved with the initials 'D.E.H.M.; J.N.H.; H.G.D De C.; F.D.M.; G.K.C.; W.R.M.T.; F.W.C.', Maker’s mark of Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co Ltd, London.

Awarded to a member of  H.M.S. Iron Duke’s sub. officers gig, winners of the 1925 Curzon-Howe Cup pulling race held at Corfu in September 1925, in which they vanquished rival gigs from the battleships Valiant, Barham and Queen Elizabeth.

H.M.S. Iron Duke was the flagship Mediterranean Fleet in 1925. She previously participated in both the Allied intervention in the Russian Civil in the Black Sea and the Greco-Turkish War. She also assisted in the evacuation of refugees from Smyrna. In 1926, she was re-assigned to the Atlantic Fleet. During the First World War, Iron Duke was the flagship of the Grand Fleet at the Battle of Jutland, where she inflicted significant damage on the German battleship S.M.S. König early in the main fleet action.

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