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Vanity Fair Print - Julien Viaud aka Pierre Loti by Guth, 1895

Chromolithograph. After Jean Baptiste Guth (‘Guth’). Published in Vanity Fair, London, 1895. Framed and glazed.

Jean Baptiste Guth (1855-1922) was one of the group of international artists that worked for Vanity Fair. He moved from Paris to London to work for the periodical in 1889. After the death of ‘Ape’ (Carlo Pellegrini), ’Spy’ (Sir Leslie Matthew Ward) and Guth were the only regular contributors to Vanity Fair’s weekly colour portrait feature.

Pierre Loti was the pseudonym of Louis Marie-Julien Viaud (1850-1923) was a French naval officer and novelist, known for his exotic novels and short stories.

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