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Mezzotint - Rear-Admiral Nelson, Baron of the Nile, 1798

Mezzotint. Three-quarters length standing to right, looking towards the viewer, left hand holding his bicorne, right sleeve pinned to his coat, wearing Rear-Admiral's full dress uniform with Order of the Bath sash and breast star; Battle of the Nile with the French flagship L'Orient exploding in the background. After an unknown artist. Inscribed below the image with the title ‘Lord Nelson, Baron of the Nile’ and 'Rear Admiral of the Blue. / Who Defeated the French fleet off the Mouth of the Nile. Aug.t 1st. 1798. // London, Published Oct.r 10. 1798, by G. Thompson No. 43, Long Lane, West Smithfield & J. Evans No. 41.’ Sheet: 36cm (14.1in) x 26cm (10.2in). Framed and glazed.

Examples are in the National Portrait Gallery (NPG D5343 ) and the British Museum (BM 2010,7081.761), the latter purchased as part of the the Hon. Christopher Lennox-Boyd collection in 2010.

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