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Mezzotint - Viscount and Baron Nelson of the Nile, 1806

Mezzotint. Three-quarters length looking left, left hand on scabard, right sleeve pinned to his coat, wearing Vice-Admiral's full dress uniform with Order of the Bath sash and breast star. After Sir William Beechey. Inscribed below the image with the title ‘The Most Noble Lord Horatio Nelson, Viscount and Baron Nelson of the Nile, and of Burnham Thorpe, in the County of Norfolk, Baron Nelson of the Nile, & of Hilborough in the said County; Knight of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath; Vice Admiral of the White Squadron of the Fleet; Commander in Chief of his Majesty's Ships and Vessels in the Mediterranean... After a series of Transcendent and Heroic services this gallant Admiral fell gloriously in the moment of a brilliant and decisive Victory of the combined fleets of France and Spain off Cape Trafalgar on the 21st October 1805. Engraved from the Original Picture in the Common Council Chamber of the City of London and which was presented to the Corporation by the late M.r Alderman John Boydell. Painted by S.r Will.m Beechey R.A. Pub. Jan 9th. 1806, by Boydell & C.o. 90, Cheapside, London. Engraved by Richard Earlom.’ Contained in period Hogarth frame. Glazed.

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