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Royal Navy - A Seven Years’ War Reverse Glass Painting, 1840

Reverse glass painting depicting the action between H.M.S. Buckingham, 66-guns, supported by H.M.S. Weazel, against the French seventy-four Florissant and two accompanying frigates of 38 and 28-guns off Monseratt on 3 November 1758. Inscribed: ‘The Brave Capt Tyrrill in the Buckingham of 66 Guns and 472 Men Defeating the Florissant, Aigrette and Atalante 3 Nov 1758 / The French Ships of War the Florissant 74 Guns 700 Men, Aigrette 38 Guns 350 Men, Atalante 28 Guns 250 Men were Convoying Dutch Ships with Provisions etc to Martinique.

The battle lasted four hours with both Buckingham and Florissant suffering major damage before the latter managed to disengage and flee. Buckingham however caught up and boarded her. Irish officer Rear Admiral Richard Tyrell (1716?–1766) was a nephew of Sir Peter Warren, who led the attack on the French fortress of Louisburg in 1745. Tyrell spent most of his active service in the West Indies, and became Commander-in-Chief of the Leeward Islands Station in 1765. He died the following year of fever aboard H.M.S. Princess Louisa, and was buried at sea. He is memorialized in the south nave aisle of Westminster Abbey.

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