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The Royal Lancers - A Victorian Equestrian Regimental Presentation Figure, 1900

Silver and bearing the 1899 maker’s mark of the Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company to the off-side fore hoof, and the lion passant and leopard’s head of the 1897 to 1915 London Assay Office silver hallmarking cycle. An identical model by the Goldsmiths & Silversmiths was presented the Officers of the 9th (Queen’s Own) Lancers to the Officers of the Cape Mounted Riflemen who served with them during the Boer War. Mounted on velvet covered plinth. Height including base: 38.5cm (15.15in).

Modelled as a mounted Lancer in pre 1902 Review Order. The trooper’s uniform and accoutrements comprising lancer czapka secured with cap lines around the body, back across the front and looped up to the left shoulder with acorns hanging down, tunic with full plastron, 1885 pattern pouch belt and pouch for carbine ammunition, 1888 pattern water bottle and 1882 pattern haversack, gauntlets, pantaloons with double stripe, and knee boots, bamboo lance with spearhead and swallow-tailed pennon,1890 pattern light cavalry sword, 1885 pattern bridle, universal pattern saddle and sheepskin; horseshoe case, lance-bucket and Martini-Henry carbine. 

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