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A Victorian King’s German Dragoons Guidon, late 19th century

Painted crimson silk King’s Standard of the King’s German Dragoons with the proscribed device of the Rose and Thistle conjoined under the Crown at the centre, with the King’s motto ‘Dieu et mon Droit’ beneath. A white horse of Hanover in a compartment in the first and fourth corner and KGD for King’s German Dragoons in the second and third. Flag: 52cm (20.5in) x 81cm (32in). Framed and glazed.

A nineteenth century reconstruction of standard of the 1st Regiment of King’s German Dragoons. The cavalry of the King’s German Legion were garrisoned at Weymouth during the Napoleonic Wars and served in Pomerania, Hanover, Copenhagen, Walcheren, the Peninsula and northern Germany. At the Battle of Garcia Hernandez, the Dragoons performed the unusual feat of smashing two French square formations in a matter of minutes.

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