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Earl St. Vincent Portrait Plaque, 1810

Lead. Oval starburst portrait plaque bearing the profile Admiral of the Fleet John Jervis, 1st Earl of St Vincent (1735-1823) in uniform facing right after the design modelled by John de Vaere in 1798.  Housed on a modern display board 20cm x 16cm. 

1st Earl of St Vincent came to prominence during the American Revolutionary War and later took his title from the defeat of the Spanish fleet off Cape St. Vincent in 1797. He was Horatio Nelson’s patron, and was known for his generosity to those he considered worthy of reward and for the harsh punishment meted out to those found wanting. The lower deck had great affection for him, calling him Old Jarvie. The tough Staffordshire born admiral, who effectively joined the Navy in 1749 by running away to sea, was Commander-in-Chief in the Mediterranean in 1795 blockading the French fleet at Toulon. As First Lord of the Admiralty between 1801-4, he  became the organiser of victories; the creator of well-equipped, highly efficient fleets and a school of officers as professional, energetic, and devoted to the service as himself.

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