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Etching - ‘The Bull and the Bantam’, 1814

Hand-coloured etching. Patriotic characterisation of archetypal Englishman John Bull personified as the British sailor Jack Tar. John Bull, a sailor, and with the head of a bull, capers triumphantly, hands on hips, singing, “Rule Britannia! Britannia rule the waves.” On one horn is spiked a little Gallic cock, with the head of Napoleon, in profile to the right, saying with an agonized expression, “O dear Mr Bull – take me off your horn,- and I’ll never crow – again, believe me.” John, who is paunchy, wears a short jacket, striped shirt, and striped trousers with buckled shoes. Under his right arm is a cudgel. Published June 1814 by William Holland, 11 Cockspur St., London.  26x38cm:

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