Bulletin No. 59 Summer 2023

Welcome to our midsummer update. We have an eclectic mix this time, but are fortunate enough to be able to offer a fine collection of 18th and early 19th century engravings and a broad selection of regimental side drums. Amongst the more unusual of our latest additions are a number of relics relating to Sir Hector Macdonald whose meteoric rise from the ranks enthralled the Victorian public before personal tragedy struck. Other never-seen-before-curios include a presentation section armour plate from HMS Ocean, a personal gift from the great Japanese Marshal-Admiral Togo and a miniature silver casket that once held Queen Mary’s wedding ring. With over a 140 new additions to the website please click on to see the collection! 

A Collection of Regimental Presentation Side Drums

 A Selection of 19th Century Engravings 

Admiral Togo - Samurai Presentation Inkwell To Highland Chieftan, 1910

Waterloo Period Grenadier Guards - English School, 1910

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James, Toby & George